Policy Priorities

We’re working to bring sustainable energy to all of Alabama. Our major focuses include creating and expanding energy efficiency opportunities, especially for low-income Alabamians to reduce their monthly utility costs. We are ensuring that federal funding from the Inflation Reduction Act is used to help Alabamians, including the retirement of uneconomical coal use by electric cooperatives. We are also working to expand the use of clean energy, such as solar and battery storage, across the state.

Energy Alabama


Energy Alabama is a membership-based non-profit organization working on Alabama’s transition to sustainable energy. They accomplish their mission by educating at all levels, helping to create smart energy policy and building the next generation workforce to deploy more sustainable energy. Energy Alabama believes in sustainable energy for all.


Organizations from seven Southeastern states are taking a close look at the governance and services offered by their member-owned utilities. The Southeast Electric Co-op Scorecard is an endeavor to rate electric cooperatives on their governance, energy efficiency, transition to renewable energy, modernization, and efforts to reduce the financial burdens on low-wealth members.

Alabama electric cooperative scorecard overall score


Alabama Interfaith Power and Light

An organization responding to climate change through the promotion of environmental justice, energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy from a faith perspective.

The People’s Justice Council

An organization that is implementing its policy, “Energizing the South for Energy Justice,” by helping houses of faith and residences save money while improving health in local neighborhoods.