Policy priorities

In Mississippi, we are working for energy policies that reduce harmful emissions, particularly greenhouse gasses, and favor the increased use of renewable energy. We are also pushing for more energy efficiency and clean energy, an increase in programs to help mitigate the effects of flooding for weather events, and additional protections for people facing utility disconnections.

Movement spotlight: Mississippi One Voice

Mississippi One Voice is working to ensure an equal voice for traditionally silenced communities. The organization is equipping local communities to engage in energy policy and ensuring that community economic development policies and practices stemming from energy improvements provide Black Mississippians, other Mississippians of color, and Mississippians with low-income opportunities to generate revenue in the new energy economy. 

One Voice’s Electric Cooperative Leadership Institute is actively empowering electric cooperative communities to better direct policy decisions affecting their community’s economic development and growth. The organization provides member-owners with information about their rights, roles and responsibilities to understand the practices of their cooperative boards. They also advocate for corporate responsibility and accountability to help pay for energy-efficient infrastructure and collaborate between state policymakers, the general public, and other organizations to move Mississippi towards a more sustainable, healthier future.

Mississippi Electric Co-op Scorecards:

Organizations from seven Southeastern states are taking a close look at the governance and services offered by their member-owned utilities. The Southeast Electric Co-op Scorecards project is an endeavor to rate electric cooperatives on their governance, energy efficiency, transition to renewable energy, modernization, and efforts to reduce the financial burdens on low-wealth members.

Mississippi's overal electric cooperative score


The organizations listed below are also working hard to help promote energy democracy in this state.