Electric Co-op Action Page

As a co-op member-owner, you have a right to help manage your utility. This means that you have the right to help determine where your co-op gets its energy from, how much your electric rates are, and what path your co-op takes to modernize and adopt cheaper and cleaner renewable energy. And right now – when tens of billions of dollars are flowing from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act to fund rural energy system upgrades – it’s even more important for member-owners like you to make sure your co-op works for YOU.

Here’s What You Can Do…


Ask your co-op’s board and executive management team to make a list of projects that may qualify for new federal funds and grant programs, and to proactively seek those opportunities.


Demand permission from your co-op to produce a portion of your own energy consumption from reliable rooftop solar.


Demand that your co-op implement low- and middle-income programs, like community solar, to expand access to affordable solar power in your community.


Demand that your co-op invest in energy efficiency and financing programs that help member-owners manage their energy bills.


Vote in your co-op’s board of directors elections — or run for a board position yourself! These boards should broadly represent your community and should be supportive of fair energy policies, including modern clean energy opportunities like rooftop solar and efficiency.