Tennessee Valley Energy Democracy Movement


We’re a coalition of organizations, community groups and citizens working to bring democracy to the Tennessee Valley Authority energy system and transform it from the bottom up.

We began this effort by reaching out to communities throughout the TVA footprint and asking them what they wanted for their energy future. That grassroots vision is the foundation of our movement. 

What’s the problem with our current energy system?

Our energy system, operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), is publicly owned but not controlled by the public. Instead, a complex web of corporate and government interests dictate the terms of our energy, leaving the people of the Valley in the dark. When community members (sometimes called ratepayers) are excluded from the decision-making process, the choices made behind closed doors often don’t reflect our best interests.

We have seen this impact our communities with increasing costs of energy bills, pollution, workers’ rights violations, and failure to deploy important energy resources like solar and energy efficiency. These issues have left many people feeling dissatisfied with the current TVA.

Meanwhile, corporate interests are seeking to privatize our public power which would allow them to lower wages for workers, charge higher rates and increase threats to our environment.

How do we build a movement for Energy Democracy in the Tennessee Valley?

Moving forward with the feedback we gathered during the Energy Democracy Tour, we are mobilizing for a campaign with many fronts.

Here’s some of what we need to make happen to win the change people want:

  • Build a strong and unified coalition of community members, grassroots groups, organizers and organizations to win energy democracy in our region
  • Develop a policy platform and materials to share our vision for our energy future and a plan for getting there
  • Amplify the vision of our region in the national discussion about a Green New Deal
  • Utilize advocacy, lobbying, and direct action to win the policy reforms that are necessary to achieve the changes we want and need

How can I join the movement?

Everyone has a role to play in building this movement, and we want you on board! Get involved today by following the link below!