Tennessee Valley

TVA Wants to Censor Public Input on Climate, Transparency and Worker Safety and We Won’t Allow It!

It’s been well over a year since the Tennessee Valley Authority has offered a public listening session before the board meeting. Instead of hosting virtual listening sessions like other utilities in the region, TVA is using the pandemic as an excuse to only collect written comments and keep them hidden from media, organizations and YOU. Meanwhile, the Board’s reports have downplayed the number of comments submitted that focus on clean energy and coal ash worker safety.

TVA has ignored public input for a long time and now that the utility is getting federal pressure to transition to cleaner, safer energy, TVA is shutting the public out of the discussion by canceling listening sessions! But we’re pushing back! Here are the nearly 4,000 public comments that were submitted by the public for the board meeting today.

Public Comments Submitted to Tennessee Valley Authority Board, Senate EPW Committee, Department of Energy – November 2021